• Aspen lined roadside

    Aspen along Utah Route 12.

  • Charles Bridge at Night

    While taking photos on the bridge as the sun set, trying to get some kind of shot without the throngs of toursists that still packed the bridge, I spotted a guy along the bank taking pictures.. . Once I finished up on the bridge, I decided to check out this spot to see what there was to see.. . Damn.. . Monkey see, monkey do.

  • Archival photo

    Shot in late morning sun with haze, the view from near the Strahovský klášter (Strahovsky monastery) on Petrin Hill lacked potential no matter what I tried to do with it. So, pull out the old sepia filter to make the shot interesting

  • Horses of the Carmargue

    The Carmargue is famed for its white horses. I can see why.

  • mini grand canyon!

    Tilt-shifted picture of the Colorado as it enters the Grand Canyon.

  • DLG_0583_panorama-oldie

    Monument Valley on an overcast day left me uninspired until I found the "damaged photograph" filter.

  • Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

  • 02_Slides_044

    cafe facade, Paris

  • Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 #2

    On the way down to the park, we stopped in one of the two Trader Joe's in New York City. We thought we'd get some bottled water; but when we saw the line for the cashiers snake around the store's perimeter like a snake eating its tail.

  • A hidden corner

    Cart and flowering plant hidden in a corner of the grounds inside Prague Castle.

  • Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

    With so many balloons already in the air, I felt as though I was already too late.

  • Under the Tuscan Sun

    After the small cheese and wine tasting at the museum, we set off to try the best gelato in the world. Perhaps not surprisingly, it wasn't the best gelato we'd ever had. Unsatisfied, we went off to the Museo del Vino Vernaccia to wash away our disappointment--only to find more disappointment in the wine--with the single exception of the Vin Santo, a wonderful dessert wine.The best thing about the wine tasting, however? No tourists, who all apparently were still gauging which was the world?s best gelato.

  • DLG_0239

    Streets of Gamla Stan, Stockholm

  • Ponte Vecchio after gelato

    Before heading out to dinner at Del Carmine Trattoria, we stopped off for a spritzer and aperativo at Harry?s Bar, a Florentine institution. I did not bring my camera as it was hot, and I had been carrying it all up until then, so this shot of the Ponte Vecchio in the afternoon light after we got some more gelato will have to do.

  • Coal train

    Crossing over a bridge in Ranchester, I spied the train going underneath that stretched to the horizon. I quickly pulled over and ran back to the bridge to get this shot. Given the length of the train, I probably didn't have to run.