• Cityscape

    View of Transamerica Pyramid through Embarcadero Center Towers

  • Waikiki surfboards

  • The unintentional model

    It was a glorious day after the humidity that had hung over the trip the previous days had finally dissipated. So I took one of the bicycles that the Nu Hotel provides its guests to ride across the Brooklyn Bridge. Along the way, I stopped to take pictures, most often of those getting their pictures taken by others. It is interesting how one can disappear into a crowd. This must be how the street photographers do it.

  • California Poppies

    Poppies popping up all over.

  • 2017 SF Fleet Week

    2017 SF Fleet Week

  • View out window of Jewish Ceremonial Hall, Prague

    Part of the Jewish Ghetto tour, the Jewish Ceremonial Hall which is a museum with multiple exhibits and a "refuge" from the mad crowd of tourists outside.

  • Fly Away

    Like I said, I had a lot of time to wait before the moon would rise. And we hardly ever get atmospheric conditions with streamy cirrus clouds in Bay Area.

  • Shipyard #3

    As darkness fell, I looked back over my shoulder to one of the old dry docks of Shipyard #3, now flooded.

  • SF street corner

    Sometimes, you just find yourself on a roof in San Francisco taking pictures at sunset.

  • Suckers

    Granville Island Public Market, Vancouver BC

  • Oxbow Public Market

    Oxbow Market--a smaller, more local version of the San Francisco Ferry Building or Pike Place Market in Seattle. Too rich for my pocketbook.

  • Sunflowers

    I guess I was inspired by the sale and festive atmosphere at Annie's Annuals. Then again, maybe I should have selected my plants a bit more carefully as one is well on its way to dying.

  • Golden Hour on the Bay


  • Las Vegas Nights

    I went searching for the neon that was displayed 10 years around the Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas, but couldn't find it. So I focused instead on the lights east of the Experience.

  • 3:00 o'clock at Hyde Street Pier

    Clock at Hyde Street Pier

  • Enjoy Coca Cola

    In 2010, the Coca Cola Company replaced the neon sign at 701 Bryant with a new sign made of LED lights, making it 80% more energy efficient.(src: The Coca-Cola Company to Replace Landmark Outdoor Neon Sign at Historic Location in Downtown San Francisco)

  • Pier 14

    The shot that I came for, along with 20 others, and probably more throughout the evening.

  • Look into my eyes

    As I rode across the bridge, I spied what seemed to be a photo shoot. But by the time I realized that I wanted to take a picture of that and turned around, they were all done. So instead, I camped myself against a side of the promenade and waiting for interesting people to come to me. I did not have to wait long.

  • IMG_2005

    Flying A Gasoline gas pump

  • Sonoma Lavender Barn

    Apparently, the traffic and crowds were so bad that they have now cancelled all future 2016 open houses. It was a bit ridiculous, hiking up to the lavender fields in the Sonoma heat only to find them overrun by swarms of people picking lavender.

  • Look at me!

    There was something about the way this millenial carried herself, alone, across the bridge, with the selfie stick extended as far as it could go and always focused on her constantly posed face that begged capturing her picture. I have to say that there is something about New York that makes it easier to be a street photographer.

  • Belts for sale

    After lunch, and fully sated and a bit buzzed, we headed back out into the market where merchants were hawking their various goods, mostly leather products: leather jackets, leather purses, leather wallets, and leather belts. It had clouded over while we were eating, so the photo opportunities as we walked through the Piazza de Duomo were less than inspiring.

  • Along the Via di Propaganda

    From the Trevi Fountain, we walked to the Spanish Steps, which we climbed. Before getting to the steps, we popped into a little shoe shop along Via di Propaganda to take advantage of their air conditioning and revive ourselves a bit.