• Bay Composite

    The sky of this image drew the panda's attention to feature me on Explore, so I got the idea of taking the sky from that image and compositing it with the light streams from a later image. Ta da.

  • California Poppies

    When I learned of the Antelope Valley California Poppy Preserve, I made a mental note that someday I would go there. In the interim, I sated myself with the poppies on hand along medians and Bay Area hiking trails. It did not help that the Internet had not yet been born and there was no ready way to find the preserve on my faded and un-indexed AAA-provided California road map.

  • Fly fly away

    LAX-I read about staging photos and think, maybe I should have waited for a plane to fly through the scene.Nah.

  • Snowy Yosemite

    We could not have planned it that way even if we tried.

  • Angel Island State Park

    In the middle of San Francisco Bay, Angel Island is a fun destination, especially if you can hop on a sailboat to get there. Get there early, though, as the slips can fill up. Then again, in the middle of December, you'll likely have your pick.

  • No. 70

    It was not easy getting Cow No. 70's attention while it feasted on the dried grasses before it.

  • Fly A Gasoline

    The east coast may have buildings dating back to the 1600s but the west coast has buildings dating back to the 1930s. And while the buildings from the 1600s are historic, the buildings from the 1930s are retro.

  • Shasta Dam and Lake

  • Walt Disney Concert Hall

    Now if only I could remove the Bank of America Building to the left of the shot....

  • Bug on a Poppy

    For all the difficulty that I was having trying to capture a bumblebee in action, this guy seemed happy enough to just hang out and get his picture taken.

  • Daffodil Hill

    We finally ventured out to Daffodil Hill to see what it was about on a beautiful spring day in the Sierra Foothills

  • A night at the pier

    It ain't the London Eye

  • Upper Truckee River

    As I headed down, the clouds reformed and it started to snow again. I ducked into a stand of trees for some shelter and debated whether I could have stayed there for the night if only I had packed a sleeping bag. I hadn't so it was a moot point. After shooting some videos and pictures, I headed back.

  • Andean Pampas Grass at Sunset II

    Good thing these grasses grow out by the University of California's Richmond Field Station and not my house. Apparently, such plants are as a secret signal to passersby that its owners are swingers. I don't know what that says about the field station's denizens.

  • Night falls

    For some reason, this makes me think of Miami Vice.

  • Fishing Fleet @ Fisherman's Wharf

    Granted, my recollection of the burger is inextricably linked with getting out of school before noon mixed with the headiness of the freedom that that entailed at the ripe age of 12. So while Roam Burger's French and Fries was likely the better tasting and prepared burger, nothing will never beat out those defrosted Thursday-afternoon patties.