• Upper Truckee River

    As I headed down, the clouds reformed and it started to snow again. I ducked into a stand of trees for some shelter and debated whether I could have stayed there for the night if only I had packed a sleeping bag. I hadn't so it was a moot point. After shooting some videos and pictures, I headed back

  • IMG_1221

    Fishing boats @ fisherman's wharf

  • A night at the pier

    Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Park

  • Bay Composite

    The sky of this image drew the panda's attention to feature me on Explore, so I got the idea of taking the sky from that image and compositing it with the light streams from a later image. Ta da.

  • Bug on a Poppy

    For all the difficulty that I was having trying to capture a bumblebee in action, this guy seemed happy enough to just hang out and get its picture taken.

  • Fly fly away

    Of course, a plane flew through this view right after I put the camera away.

  • Pampas Grass at Sunset II

    Pampas Grass at sunset near UC Berkeley Richmond Field Station

  • IMG_1202

    Angel Island State Park

  • No. 70

    Cow behind fence

  • IMG_1991

    Fly A gas station

  • Shasta Dam and Lake

  • California Poppies

    Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve

  • Snowy Yosemite

  • Walt Disney Concert Hall

    Now if only I could remove the Bank of America Building to the left of the shot....

  • Night falls

    For some reason, this makes me think of Miami Vice.