• Goodbye Florence!

    Good bye Florence. Until next time?

  • Look up!

    Gamla Stan street view

  • More scenes from Prague

    Prague walk about near foot of Charles Bridge

  • Duomo view

    We awoke to a blue sky and warming temperatures. As we investigated our lodgings that morning, a mystery remained about where the supposed views advertised on the airbnb site were hiding. Finally, poking my head up through the second floor skylight using the handy footstool that was kept nearby ostensibly for just such a purpose, you do see the dome of the Duomo through the city skyline. Mystery solved.

  • Symphony Hall

    I've had the goal of shooting Disney Hall in Los Angeles yet never seemed to have managed to arrange it. Getting to the top of Bunker Hill, I did a quick walk by to "scout" out the best angles and views. I settled on this one, at the corner of South Grand and West 2nd.

  • St. Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle

    St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle, Prague.

  • Seattle sunset at Kerry Park

    From the time that I'd lived in Seattle, I'd promised myself that I would return to Kerry Park at sunset and take a picture. The view is just stunning. Apparently, the secret has gotten out because tour buses would come and go, disgorging their loads to snap quick photos and pile back on. Meanwhile, the buses idle, spewing a fetid cloud of diesel exhaust that hangs over the viewpoint. As the afternoon wears, couples begin to show up to get their pictures taken. One appears to have just come from their wedding, another is in that period running up to the wedding. The setting sun catches a ring, which shines brightly, rejecting the lengthening shadows. It is quite a scene, with entrepreneurial kids setting up lemonade stands to sell lemonade for 25 cents and roses for fifty cents. With the anointed hour approaching, other photographers start coming out to the point to snap their own photos, each of whom carries with them thousands of dollars worth of gear, making my little Canon PowerShot look woefully inadequate.

  • Open window in stucco wall

    Back among the casitas with their clay tile roofs and stucco walls, I came across an open window that seemed like it could be an interesting subject for a photograph. Back home and months removed, whatever the inspiration was for the shot had disappated.So I rolled up my sleeves and processed the stuffing out of the photo.Maybe its the stucco, but there's something nostaglic about the result of my photographic subversion.

  • IMG_1932

    Point Bonita Lighthouse

  • Le Tour d'Eiffel

  • Last view of St. Vitus Cathedral

    At some point, I figured it was getting late and someone might have started worrying about me. I still had to go to Old Town Square to photograph that at night, but I had to stop here at the foot of Charles Bridge just to soak the beauty of the city in just one last time.

  • IMG_1422

    palace of fine arts

  • Pencil Sketch (Prague Castle)

    Overly processed photo that ended up looking like a pencil sketch.

  • Piazza della Repubblica

    The wandering eventually lead us to the Piazza della Repubblica by which time the skies were beginning to clear. Featured there in the square is the Carousel Antica Giostra Toscana.

  • Piazza del Duomo

    Piazza del Duomo